Investment service

Investment service

Do you want to build a profitable property investment portfolio?

Impressive levels of property portfolio experience means we’re ideally placed to take your ideas and run with them. Whatever your property investment strategy, you will benefit from our in-depth expertise and genuine love of bricks and mortar, whether it’s basic buy to let or premium properties for executive clients, we can assist.

Buy property in Edinburgh for extra income

Should you want to invest in Edinburgh or are buying property in the city for profit, everything Argento does is designed to help investors like you achieve your goals. We help you generate wealth, enjoy an improved lifestyle, have more choice and control, better security and extra financial freedom.

Streamlined processes make buying painless

We streamline the entire process from start to finish with an intelligent, flexible and practical Source-Fund-Buy-Develop-Manage model at the heart of everything we do. With our support every aspect of your property purchase is as fast and painless as possible.

Register now for priority treatment

If you want to enjoy the very best service, you need to register *. Our registered clients get priority treatment in all sorts of ways, designed to make the entire property purchase process as painless and efficient and pleasurable as possible.

Registration Benefits

• Priority access to our latest and best deals

• Meeting in person, via phone or Skype to pin down your exact needs

• Instant alerts on every property match before it goes on our website

• Valid for a full 12 months

*Non refundable registration fees may apply for our full access premium, service.

Free investment consultation

If you need a helping hand to find your next investment or to build your property portfolio, we’ll be delighted to provide a free consultation with one of our experts.